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Economical Cloud Solutions

Reduce IT costs,
gain flexibility
Reduce IT costs, gain flexibility
Using logistics software and resources economically. Operating your own server-side IT infrastructure involves hardware, maintenance and ancillary costs. This includes the effort that must be expended to prevent a system failure and data loss and to continuously secure the network externally. Cloud solutions therefore offer numerous advantages:

  • Software immediately usable via all end devices
  • transparent IT costs
  • Cost savings in IT infrastructure (hardware, database, operating system, operating costs)
  • Cost savings in IT infrastructure (hardware, database, operating system, operating costs)
  • convenient all-round service
Grafik von PureLoX SOLUTIONS zu Cloud-Lösungen für Logistiksoftware

Microsoft Partner for Azure Cloud combines the practical advantages of the cloud with the ease of use of our software solutions. With Microsoft Azure, we chose a proven cloud platform early on that is convincing in terms of security. As a Microsoft Silver Partner for Application Development, we have the expertise to provide all services reliably. This is convenient for our customers, who can concentrate on their core business.

Solution as a Service. We offer our cloud solutions as a “Solution as a Service”. This means you get everything from a single source and pay for exactly the services and resources you need.

Microsoft Partner

Logos Microsoft Partner für Microsoft Azure

Highest availability

With, your data is always safe and you always have enough reserves. Since your data can be mirrored at several redundant regions in the Azure network, we make data backup and disaster recovery very efficient. We can provide you with additional security standards via the “Private Cloud” option.

  • high flexibility, automatic scaling with increasing number of users
  • automatic upgrade service (application, operating system, database, fixpack)
  • highest security and compliance standards
  • maximum availability of up to 99.95 %
Grafik von PureLoX SOLUTIONS zur Verfügbarkeit einer Cloud-basierten Softwarelösung

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Do you have questions or want
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